Twists and Surprises…


The ‘twist in the tale’ is almost always a sure fire way to get on my good side. A lot of the time I do see these coming sooner than I am supposed to, and that can be a dampener.

But every now and then I come across the genius author who grabs my book from me and whacks me over the head with it!

Here is a collection of some of my favourite twists and surprises…

before i go to sleep               WhatitTakes

someoneelsewedding     Precious Thing

edge shadows                gone

look closer

So there you have it.

N0t a terribly huge list, I know. Like I said, I more often than not will foresee these things. But I desperately want this list to grow. I am always looking for something that will shock me – but it has to work fluidly within the story and not be there for shock value’s sake. So if you are an author who would like to challenge me, or you are a reader with a great recommendation then please do give me a shout.

In the meantime, here’s a top plot twist… SPOILER ALERT!!!  


Hehe. Happy reading y’all x  

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  1. Terry Tyler

    Ha ha, don’t think I can better that one!!!


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