About Storm


Hi all! So, a bit about me then…

Firstly, the basics… I’m married, have two beautiful children, have an Honors degree in Psychology, am a bit of a Pinterest junkie, and basically your average housewife cliché. When at home, I’m mostly either doing the housework whilst Kisstory is blaring at the precise volume reserved only for housework or doing the neighbours’ heads in; arguing with the beloved over whose turn it is on Netflix; or reading…ahhh reading, I do that quite a lot!

I’ve been an avid reader ever since I was old enough to string all those funny symbols together that make the written word. I remember making my way through my mum’s Sydney Sheldons and Danielle Steeles, and my dad’s Wilbur Smiths and Robert Ludlums, back when most of my friends were reading only what the school curriculum stated as compulsory reading!

Aside from my probably already apparent love of exclamation marks (!!!) I’m a particular fan of psychological thrillers, and I do love a good twist – even better when I have no idea its coming; those are few and far between these days, but when they do come along I am just in my element!

I also love what I call a good ‘chicken soup read’ – those books that really touch you in some way, or really affect the way you look at life, or just plain ruin you and send you on the verge of an emotional breakdown!! Yep, those are good!

I have been what is called a ‘professional reader’ for a couple of years now, and have discovered in that time that I’m not quite so pigeon-holed to my preferred genres as I first thought. In fact, some authors have really surprised me – I have found that I have really enjoyed books that I would never have given a second glance before. My thoughts on the ’50 Shades’ franchise are no great secret – I am not a prude, but if you are going to write a book, then write a book – don’t just throw together a few sordid fantasies in an attempt to flesh out a poor frame of a plot! This set me on a bit of a mission early on to find some well written erotica – alas, it wasn’t very fruitful – and I quickly jacked that one in!

I am brutally honest with my reviews – so be warned! If I like your work, I will shout it from the rooftops; if I don’t, I will not sugar coat – although I do try my best to be constructive. Many authors have said that my harsh reputation makes getting a good review from me all the more sweeter…so come on, be brave! 

So there you have it, the proverbial nutshell of me! I look forward to reading and sharing my thoughts with you all.


Happy Reading x


Email me at storminthestacks@hotmail.com

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3 responses to “About Storm

  1. Terry Tyler

    Oh, you’re my type of reviewer – but you know that already! And let’s hear it for exclamation marks!!!! I’m going to email you later on with a book I’d love you to read -it’s only novelette sized but I love it, and think you will too. It’s by a friend who is total crap at all this stuff, I have the mobi copy!

    Pinterest, pinterest… I only ever did 3 boards!


  2. Ooh yes Terry send it on over 🙂
    ‘Him indoors’ is getting a bit bored with my little creations á la Pinterest dotted all over the house 😉


  3. Irritatingly, I can’t follow you on Twitter – something to do with limits! I’ll get rid of a few people and try and squeeze you in, as I love your reviews. I review at crimeworm.WordPress.com and am on Twitter @crimeworm1 but I like psychological thrillers not just crime – anything with a twist in the tale, that keeps me guessing!


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